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Austin Office
2900 N. Quinlan Park Road, Suite 220
Austin, TX 78732
(512) 610-5000
Hailing from Southern Indiana, Randy has lived in Austin since 2004. Having been in the customer service and corporate industry for over 20 years, Randy believes in clear, concise communication and transparency. He knows that listening to and understanding his clients' values and needs leads to success. His drive to please his clients, while being as efficient and accessible as possible, keeps his business moving forward and growing.

In his free time, Randy can be found literally all over Austin. Randy is a keen lover of all things outdoors and loves to spend time in nature and enjoying all that our great city has to offer. Between sporting events, coaching kids soccer, attending music events, and more - Randy is always ready for an adventure. Because of his friendly nature, he has successfully cultivated his business based on the entertainment that Austin and the surrounding area offers. He is excited to share the tips and tricks he’s learned over his years in Austin with his clients, while helping them find their home.

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